Easy 1541 25th Anniversarybeta
by Fabrizio Farenga

Around 1996 I released Easy1541 for the Commodore Amiga.
It was a free software package allowing users to connect a real Commodore 1541 drive to the Commodore Amiga to read/write files from any compatible floppy disk and to create D64 Files.

It has been a very successful application.

Now, about 25 years laters, lot of things has changed, but there's still need to read/write files from D64 disks!
So I'm proud to present the first (?) online converter for D64 files. I'd love to add support to more formats, so please contact me with suggestions, and bug reports.

Greetings to my old-school friends: Frankie, Godzilla, HellFire, Pacho, Raoul, Raster Master, S.I.D.